COVID-19 is Teaching Us that DevSecOps Capabilities Are Table Stakes For Successful Organizations


DevSecOps is at the center of organizational transformation. It allows organizations to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. It is complementary with Agile software development. This methodology not only improves business timing for delivering results, but also streamlines software teams’ workflows. This leads to improved software quality and faster feature releases.

Retail stores and restaurants are the main example of this in this pandemic. Organizations that have invested and developed Agile DevSecOps capabilities have continued to be successful and grow. Others could not react quickly enough to make their online presence more accessible and attractive. In a world that went almost completely online, many who have not responded quickly have faltered. Some have gone bankrupt.

DevSecOps requires organization cultural change. It is a culture that must permeate an entire organization. Cultural practices such as information flow, collaboration, shared responsibilities, learning from failures and new ideas are central to successful DevSecOps.

My hope is that organizations are learning from the failures that these organizations have encountered the pandemic. Driving cultural changes to have a DevSecOps focused organization is not easy and takes persistence and training. It is key to future success and survivability. The pandemic should teach us that an organization be nimble and turn on a dime. It’s not just a one time event the will pass.


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